Amelia Newbould

Stats: 5'3''
Education: BA (Hons) Acting 2:1 Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London

Location: London, UK

Spotlight Page: 5352


Film & Televsion

Webidate                      Lynn           Joseph Elliott

Housesitters                Anabel        Will Terran              Black Barn Productions

The Real Housewives

of Crouch End             Hetty           Joseph Elliott          Girl in the Wood Productions

The Reality Meter      Everlyn         Will Terran              Black Barn Productions
Id-iology                      Emerald       Will Terran              Black Barn Productions
Mother                        Clara             Chi Yu                      Story Ark Films

Lament                        Bride            Chi Yu                      London Film School

Dating Made Easy     Woman 2     Peter Hein              London Film Collective

The Hour of Living     Anna            Sebatian Michel     Optimist Creations


Twelfth Night                          Olivia                      Nobby Dimon          North Country Theatre

The Story Of Lindisfarne      Saxon, Norman     Simon Kirk                Time Will Tell Theatre/

                                                 & Tudor                                                      English Heritage

The Time of My Life              Maureen &           David Allan Lucas      Brockley Jack Studio, London

                                                 U/S Stephanie

NewsRevue                            Actress & Writer  Branden Matthews   Canal Cafe Theatre, London
The Winter's Tale                  Perdita                   Helen Oakleigh         The Rose Teatre, London   

Romeo & Juliet                       Juliet                      Jenny McEvoy            The Globe Players

The Tempest                          Miranda                Jenny McEvoy             The Globe Players
Home on the Range              Hope Hawker      Nobby Dimon            North Country Theatre

Othello                                    Senator                 Ricky Dukes                Lazarus Theatre Company

Cinderella                               Cinderella             Jenny McEvoy             The Globe Players

The Last Night of Ballyhoo  Reba freitag         Trilby James                 Jacksons Lane Theatre, London

Enduring Freedom                Hanna Schnider Christine Kimberley    The Oval House Theatre, London

Paitent/ Asst MD                   Marat/Sade          Paul Clements            The Plesence Theatre, London

Frauline Kost/ Music Cap.   Cabaret                 Eddie Gower                Mountview, London

Miss Hoyden                          The Relapse         Carol Harvey                Mountview, London

Kassandra                              Agamemnom      Ronnie McCann           Mountview, London


Advanced Skiing

Advanced Swimming

Rock Climbing



Rowing - Quad, Fours, Doubles



Horse Riding - Intermediate

BADC Armed and Unarmed stage combat - level 1

Full Clean UK drivers License






West Country

Soutnern Irish

General American

Southern American




Excellent ear for accents




Other Media

How to Select your Ski Helmet                  Presenter    David List                Snow & Rock

A Day in the Life - Innocent Smoothies    Jess              Matthew Baxter     Baxter Creative
RYSE - Crytek Video Games                        Barbarian   Campbell Askew    Crytek & SIDE
Wonderland - Heineken                              Igne Bell     Matthew Baxter     Baxter Crative
PayPal Revelloyd -Viral                                Customer   Lindsey Palmer

Come Unto These Yellow Sands - Radio  Puck             Tamsin Collision     Independent


Training & Workshops


Mezzo Soprano Grade 8 Classical & Musical Theatre trained

Range: Bottom D - Top D belt Top G

Violin Grade 5

Oboe grade 3

15 years Choral and Soloist experience

A-level Music


BA (Hons) Acting 2:1 - Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London UK

Foundation Acting - Arts Educational, London UK

Acting For Camera - TVI Studios, Los Angeles